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Imagine having unshakeable self-confidence, unwavering optimism and exceptional personal magnetism. Imagine leadership Olympics where you participate at the upper limit of your potential. Leaders who commit to Lead Positive do this with simple but significant mindset shifts based on the scientific techniques of Asset-Based Thinking. We’re not claiming it’s easy, though. It can take a heroic journey to make real, lasting transformations in yourself and your team. This is not just a game-changer. It can be a world-changer. As the results of positive leadership spread into other organizations, the community and the culture, the behaviors they inspire can truly change our future.


Here are some of our Signature Services workshops and training programs available to organizations and individuals.

Lead Positive

Motivate others to embrace and drive positive change. Become more skillful in fostering high-performance teams. Excel as a leader in all you see, say and do.

Power and Presence

Imagine making inspiring presentations-the kind people keep talking about. Discover how to move an audience to action, be inspirational and change minds and hearts by practicing the same strategies that great orators and actors do

Courageous Conversations™

Identify and manage barriers to individual and organizational success and create conditions for better decision-making and collaborative teamwork.

Executive Coaching

Discover you Signature Strengths and how to leverage them. Become more influential with key stakeholders and learn to make the impact you desire.

Certification and Licensing

Leaders learn to incorporate Lead Positive into their work with teams. Coaches and consultants use Lead Positive with their clients and often find they, too, are transformed by the experience.


A best-selling author, speaker, coach and consultant, Dr. Cramer won an Emmy Award for her film “Stress: A Personal Challenge.” Her talk show appearances range from The Oprah Winfrey Show to Bloomberg Business, and she is nationally recognized by Psychology Today, Forbes, and the Center for Creative Leadership. You can read Dr. Cramer’s blog, and learn about her upcoming media appearances and speaking engagements here.

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Awakening leaders to their heroic journeys is the mission of leadership development professionals at The Cramer Institute in St.Louis, Missouri. The institute weaves together findings in neuroscience and psychology to create powerful tools for leadership development. Since 1985, TCI has been a robust consulting, coaching and training organization inspiring positive change in leaders and their teams. You could think of it as a research-based think tank. Worldwide clients include giants like Microsoft, Starbucks, MasterCard, Purina, Monsanto, Bank of America, Edward Jones, as well as many universities, non-profits and smaller firms.